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1830 Warehouse: Exclusive Top Floor Opens for Events

1830 Warehouse

The Science and Industry Museum is home to one of the oldest surviving passenger railway stations and the world’s first inter-city railway warehouse. As of April 2020, we are making a section of this historically significant space available for events.

Once the scene of non-stop activity, as people and goods travelled in and out for over 140 years, the top floor of the railway warehouse is now able to host conferences, dinners, drinks receptions and private events for up to 200 guests.

The space offers exclusive access to three bays and is spread across several of the original rooms. The warehouse is also home to our permanent gallery: Connecting Manchester. Clients can further enhance their event with a tour of the inspiring 1830 Station.

Chris Hanley, Group Event Manager, at the Science and Industry Museum said: “We are delighted to offer the 1830 Warehouse as an innovative and cultural option for events. The railway station was life-changing for Manchester and we are proud to be able to open the top-floor of this incredible space to host standout events and occasions over the next three years.

“From April 2020, the top floor of the 1830 Warehouse will be available to host all manner of events, from product launches and conferences, to gala dinners and award ceremonies. We are looking forward to replicating the remarkable atmosphere and experience embodied within the walls of this spectacular space within the events that we host.”