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Apadmi’s 10th birthday

Client: Apadmi

Event: 10th anniversary party

Date: 02/05/2019

Venue: Revolution Manchester Gallery

Number of guests: 170


Why did you choose the Science and Industry Museum for your event? 

We are a technology company that’s always been proud to be based in Manchester, and we wanted to celebrate a milestone in our history. we couldn’t possibly think of a better location that reflected not only our brand values, but also the sense of impact we were trying to create.

When did your event take place? Who was the event for? How many people? What were the core goals and objectives? 

We were celebrating our 10th birthday in May 2019, and it was a celebration of everything our company had achieved up to that point. It had to have a clear technology connection (but not TOO in your face!), but most importantly, it had to wow the 150–170 people in attendance. Friends, family, clients, staff—we had a wide variety of people join us, so from the food to the entertainment, there had to be something for everyone, but with a clear premium feel to the whole of the evening.

Which space at the museum did you use as part of the event and how did it enhance the experience for your guests?  

We used the Revolution Manchester Gallery, excluding the use of the back section of the museum and the outside, but there were many ways in which the museum team helped us to enhance that space.

We had full control over the visual and lighting displays, as well as additional uplighters all in our brand colours, and the AV teams were fantastic at helping us test and install these elements. We had a wide variety of additional dressing too, including entrance fire lanterns, a dance floor, poseur tables and chairs—even Chesterfield sofas for some of our more elderly guests. The team were great at making suggestions to help enhance the space and create the look and feel we were going for.

Were there any added extras you were able to include as part of the event due to holding it at the Science and Industry Museum? 

They weren’t ‘added extras’ as such, but what made the decision all the easier for us was that we were able to hold our event amongst some of the greatest technological innovations Manchester has been known for over the years. From Stephenson’s Rocket in the entranceway, to the replica of Baby, the first computer, it was fantastic to give our guests something more interesting and unique as part of our event experience.

Did you opt for any bespoke catering or AV during the event?

For the AV, we wanted to personalise the main screens in the area—both in the entrance way and main event space, so we worked with their AV team to test videos and photo reels on the screens. In terms of catering, we had a huge mix of people, so they helped us to create a menu that was wholesome comfort food that anyone could enjoy—vegan, gluten free, vegetarian—we were able to create our own tailored menu (which was delicious, by the way!)

How did the setting of the Science and Industry Museum contribute to the overall feel and purpose of the event?

We wouldn’t have been able to create the same impressive impact had we held our event anywhere else in Manchester—where else could you have such innovative exhibitions and a flash mob in the same space in Manchester? It helped to bring our event to life in a space that celebrated the history of technology—it was ideal for us.

What feedback did you receive from the guests? 

Great food, brilliant entertainment, and a truly unique space—we kept getting one remark in particular, in that people didn’t realise just how much you could do with the space to transform it. Most people had been there with their children to visit the museum, so to see it in an evening setting was an enjoyable surprise for many.