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Wickland Westcott Dinner

Client: Wickland Westcott

Event: Dinner

Date: 02/05/2019

Venue: 1830 Warehouse

Number of guests: 34

Wickland Westcott Dinner in 1830 Warehouse

Why did you choose the Science and Industry Museum for your event?

We used the 1830 Warehouse, which was in keeping with the theme of our dinner. Our guests were drawn from industrial sector businesses in the region and the setting enabled us to contrast traditional industry with the latest industrial technologies (Industry 4.0).

Beyond that, the aesthetics are great—very stripped down and unpretentious.  We considered a number of restaurants and hotel function rooms, but nothing came close in comparison.

When did your event take place? Who was the event for? How many people? What were the core goals and objectives? 

The event took place in May 2019 and we invited approximately 30 people working in senior jobs in manufacturing and industrial sector organisations in the region. We had a keynote speaker who talked about Industry 4.0—what it is, the benefits it can deliver and how to embark on a digital journey—before chairing a participative debate during which guests shared their experiences to date. Of course, we also enjoyed dinner and engaged in some informal networking.

Which space at the museum did you use as part of the event and how did it enhance the experience for your guests?

1830 Warehouse.  As mentioned, it had direct relevance and enabled us to contrast old and new industrial technology.  It is also a unique and very atmospheric space.

Were there any added extras you were able to include as part of the event due to holding it at the Science and Industry Museum?

Not really, the environment was enough—this really was a point of interest and differentiation for our event.

What feedback did you receive from the guests?

Overall, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive—people enjoyed the event and loved the venue.

Additional comments

We have run a number of events and this was our best; the venue contributed significantly to making it different.  The support we received organising the event was second to none and the service and catering on the night was great too.